Saraswati Borobudur

A Natural Retreat - More than just a place to stay

The Saraswati Borobudur is an unpretentious hotel, but also clearly much more than just a place to sleep and get a free breakfast. This boutique hotel is more like a "home away from home" for visitors seeking a warm and friendly atmosphere, as opposed to mere accommodation.

Just a relaxed five-minute stroll from the glories of the Borobudur Temple, this inn is perfect for those who wish to be far from the madding crowd, to be quiet and alone - perhaps to write a film script, work on a novel, or merely reflect on life.

The strategic location allows guests to gaze up at Mount Merapi from the top of the hotel, looking down, they realize they are totally surrounded by lush, green rice fields.

With classic, traditional interiors in the rooms some with small balconies (on the first floor) and the others encircled by greenery and bougainvillea flowers, the hotel is situated on a quiet street in Borobudur town.

There are many things at Saraswati that make guests want to stay and stay - one is the great food available. All the food is prepared by local personnel with extensive experience in international-class hotels.

If you don't get the chance to eat lunch at the hotel it would be a serious mistake to miss the opportunity to enjoy dinner. A vocal duo, who claim to know 200 songs in seven languages, provide the entertainment.

Saraswati is geared towards the top-end market and room rates reflect this with prices ranging between US$286 and US$675 per night (publish rate).

For more information: Saraswati Borobudur
Jl. Balaputradewa 10, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java
Tel: +62 (0)293 788 843, Fax: +62 (0)293 788 842